By Shaun Bartlett on 01/02/2019

The customer had a particularly bad hole in an inspection chamber and was causing an awful smell to emit out as well as providing a passageway for vermin to come from beneath the pipework and travel along it, they called drain doctor to repair it for them.

Here's a before and after photo of the repaired work. The hole was causing blockages also. To start with the tiled chamber lid had to be removed which had not been lifted in a few decades and was sealed so tightly that two men were unable to lift it manually. By angle grinding around the lid cover, removing the tiles and breaking up the concrete which was layered on top of the lid made it possible to remove it from it's position. 

Once access of the chamber was made possible the angle grinder had been the tool of choice to cut out the existing pipe and trim back the original benching to have enough space for the new pipe to be placed. Mixed concrete had then been placed underneath the position of where the new pipe would go and served a dual purpose, this being to fill in the cavity and raise the level of the surface to be nearly even with the exisiting pipe. The new piece of pipe was then placed on top of the concrete and more mix applied to the benching to give a professional finish. 

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